With the 2014 Men’s and Women’s U.S. Open on the horizon, the Pinehurst website needed an upgrade in both design and functionality. From a brand perspective, it was important to maintain the historical significance of Pinehurst in American golf throughout the experience. Because golf rules at Pinehurst we developed a more robust experience around each of their famous courses. In an effort to broaden visitor appeal we organized content around the variety of activities the resort offers.

One of the biggest challenges for visitors is understanding the complexity around booking rooms in relation to tee times. Coupled with the business rule to only reveal pricing in the form of travel packages and you have recipe for user confusion and frustration. The solution is a high-touch sales cycle and we successfully focused the call-to-actions to either call the sales line or contact the Pinehurst Social Sales team via an online form interspersed at key points in the experience.

The results were a dramatic increase in booking inquiries and browsing patterns leading from anchor pages, such as golf courses and accommodations, to key conversion points, such as offers and the reservation form.