Common Content Components


Content Editor can do the following:

  • Add a gallery to most pages or posts
  • Add and remove images from the gallery
  • Manage the order of images within the gallery
  • Add a caption to each image which allows for HTML (ie. links)
  • Display options available to the Content Editor:
    • Display with large image open
    • Display with large image hidden (default)
    • Thumbs above large image (default)
    • Thumbs below large image
    • (TBD) Add up to 6 images
  • (TBD) Place a gallery anywhere in the body via short code

Quote/Callout Blocks

Content Editor can add a Quote/Callout Block anywhere within a page/post body. See example on the Course 5 wireframe.

Quote or not?

If the block is to be used as a quote, the Content Editor can choose to display quotation marks as per the design. Otherwise, the block is considered to be a Callout. Aside from that, the content components are the same:

  • Image
  • Text

Content Editor can choose to display one of two display sizes:

  1. Small - embedded in the body which do not break out of the width of the main column
  2. Large - embedded in the body which do break out of the width of the main column
Homepage Callout

The homepage has its own unique optional call out, see homepage wires for more information.

Calls to Action

Many pages have calls to action which must include code for an external source called Navis. This code allows for the client to control the phone number displayed within the call-to-action.

Navis Documentation

Data Definitions

Global Rules

Core WP Content Components

Available for all Pages and Posts:

  • Title
  • Custom Excerpt
  • Body
    • Body Components
    • Add a gallery with short code, options to choose open/closed on page load
    • Add small or large quote/callout (can also used for page testimonials)
  • Featured Media
    • Image
    • YouTube video

Custom Data by Type:

Meeting Venues & Spaces

Meeting Venue

A Meeting Venue can contain, or be associated with, many Meeting Spaces. Data for each Meeting Venue:

  • Custom list

Meeting Space

See example of detail page. Data for each Meeting Space:

  • Floor Plan Illustrations (optional)
    • Illustration of room floor plan only with dimensions
    • Illustration of building/venue (if applicable) floor plan with Meeting Space highlighted.
  • Type of Space - select Indoor or Outdoor, 1 only
  • Dimensions - text input with example text
  • Square Footage - text input with example text
  • Ceiling Height - text input with example text
  • Seating Capacities - text input for each type of seating arrangement

Associations for each Meeting Space:

  • Associate with 1 or more Meeting Venues.

Seating Arrangements

All Seating Arrangements are available to all Meeting Spaces, regardless of Venue. If a meeting space has a number entered for at least one seating, the following data will display on the detail page and Meeting Space Finder results page.

  • Title
  • Illustration of Seating Arrangement
  • The Seating Capacity number entered on the Meeting Space edit page

Courses & Holes

Course Content

Each of the eight courses will have 18 holes. Data for each course:

  • Original Course Designer
    • Year of design - text input
    • Name of Designer - text input
  • Redesigns & Restorations - Ability to add more than one and manage order
    • Year of design - text input
    • Brief summary or design/restoration - text input
  • Tournaments - Ability to add more than one and manage order
    • Year of Tournament - text input
    • Name of Tournament - text input
  • Accolades - Ability to add more than one and manage order
    • Accolade text - text input
  • Course Illustration - image upload
  • Scorecard PDF - file upload
  • Landscaping Tees - single text input
  • Landscaping Fairways - single text input
  • Landscaping Rough - single text input
  • Landscaping Greens - single text input
  • Characteristics - text input, ability to add more than one and manage order
  • Clubhouse Content Block
    • Title - text input
    • Image - image upload
    • Description - text input (WYSIWYG?)
  • Getting to the Course
    • Title - text input
    • Image - image upload
    • Description - text input (WYSIWYG?)
    • NOTE: This content might be same across every course.

Hole Content

Data for each hole:

  • Par - single text input
  • Men’s Handicap - single text input
  • Women’s Handicap - single text input
  • Yardage - entry of yardage per color is optional, if empty do not display, order is the same site wide.
    • Tee Gold - single text input
    • Tee Blue - single text input
    • Tee White - single text input
    • Tee Green - single text input
    • Tee Red - single text input


Individual tournaments, such as the North & South Men's Tournament, have schedule content which must be accessible to display dynamically on other pages, such as their parent or the master tournament schedule.

The Pinehurst Content Editor must be able to do the following:

  • Add a day
  • Add an activity to the day
  • Manually enter a location for the activity

Some rules:

  • The days must display in chronological order
  • Days can have more than one activity
  • Activities can only have one location

Client desire:

The client was hoping not to have to duplicate efforts entering tournament content in both the tournament section and in the events section. It is important for tournament content to remain persistent in the golf section. Since upcoming event posts "die" on the site when it's past their event date, it's unclear how something like that can be achieved with out a very complex system.


Accommodation Detail

  • Custom list
  • Room types
    • Room type name
    • Photo
    • Description
    • Custom list of amenities
    • (No link to deeper, detail page for room types)
  • Dining Options (optional) if Accommodation has a restaurant
    • Name of restaurant
    • Photo
    • Description
    • (Can be manual entry or direct relationship to dining detail pages for displaying excerpt content)

The Carolina Hotel Only

Special display for Carolina Villas on Carolina Hotel page:

  • Headline
  • Gallery
  • Body/Description
  • (See Carolina Hotel detail page design comp for more information)

Dining section Restaurant Detail Page

  • Dress Code (optional)
    • Custom bullet list
  • Hours of Operation (optional)
    • Custom bullet list
  • Reservations
    • Open text input for phone number
  • Fine print
    • Custom bullet list
  • Menus
    • links to child pages
  • Chef content
    • Chef title text input
    • Chef photo
    • Chef bio

Spa Treatments

Most child pages within Spa have multiple treatments. For each treatment:

  • Headline
  • Body/Description
  • Price per Duration Coupling (a treatment can have 1 or more couplings):
    • Price
    • Duration


Custom data beyond core WP components (as listed above) for each News post:

  • News-specific Categories (see taxonomies for launch list)
  • Facebook Comments


Custom data beyond core WP components (as listed above) for each Event post:

  • Start Date (date selector)
  • End Date(date selector)
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Cost
  • Location in Pinehurst (open text input)
  • Off-Site Link (open text input)
  • Event-specific Category (see taxonomies for launch list)


News Categories

  • Golf News
  • Pinehurst Heritage
  • Interviews
  • Activities & Recreation

Event Categories

  • Golf Events
  • Tennis Events
  • Resort Events