Also referred to as "Core Packages" are groupings of benefits coupled with a date span which have set prices per accommodation for single and double occupancy. Package content usually remains the same throughout the year, but prices are changed seasonally.
An Offer is essentially a Package which has a seasonal shelf life. For example, a Father's Day offer shares content components with most Packages however the Offer is only visible on the site for a limited time. The visibility of an offer is managed by the Content Editor by either deleting the post or setting it to Draft.
A promotion is an incentive which can be assigned or "added" to an existing Offer or Package. One or more Promotions that can be assigned to one or more Offers or Packages and they are then assigned to display on the detail page of one or more Offers or Packages. Two promotions which have already been identified is the Hot Date and Gift Card Promotions.
Rate Discount Promotions indicate some kind of price drop for the Offer or Package, usually by a percentage for specific dates. However, the rate discount is not manifested in the displayed pricing grid of a package or offer. Rather it is honored at the time of placing the order. Rate Discounts only display on the detail page of an Offer or Package, after the pricing grid.
Gift Card Promotions are an incentive which can be added to one or more Offers or Packages. These are then assigned to display on the detail page of the Offer or Package and coupled with the Offer or Package in a listing layout.

Rules for Promotions

  • One or more Promotions that can be assigned to one or more Offers or Packages

An Offer or Package

Content Components

  • Title*
  • Feature image
  • Description
  • Benefits custom list*
  • Rates Grid (see right)
    1. Two parent columns for seasonal rates
    2. Each parent column has two child columns for single and double occupancy rates
    3. For each accommodation, a price per occupancy child column, per parent season.*
  • Rate fine print custom list

* Indicates content components which display if the Package is assigned to display as the featured Package elsewhere in the site.


Content Editor can do the following:

  • Can create / delete / publish / unpublish an Offer or Package
  • Can edit all content components, including rates
  • Can enter the rate and accommodation to display in listing content scenarios (required for publishing)
  • Can select a package to display within a section (0.0, 1.0 - 1.x.x.x, 2.0 - 2.x.x.x, etc.) on all pages which contain a designated package promotion content area

Managing Rates

  1. Season column title
  2. Valid dates (opens a calendar date select interface to control front-end display)
  3. Occupancy column title (auto-populates with shown text)
  4. Rate per occupancy type for each accommodation.
  • All rate content for each package is a manual entry process
  • Each Parent Column must have a Season Title Field populated or the entire Parent Column, including Child Rates, will not display
  • Child Column rate fields are optional, if left empty the front-end display will show empty (or "N/A")

Rate Grid for a Offer or Package:

Rates Grid from an Offer or Package Detail Page (Front End)
Rates Grid (Admin View)

A Promotion

Content Components

  • Title
  • Description (showing as fine print)

Open Questions

How do we associate promotions to Offers and Packages?
Is it a relationship or a manual content entry per Offer or Package? A managed relationship is preferable.