UI Components

  1. Map marker set toggle buttons
  2. Map markers display icons which reflect relationships to markers sets which are toggled on only
  3. Map markers indicate out-of-viewport locations

Multiple Marker Sets Toggled On

  1. Dining is turned on
  2. Already open markers reveal icons if location contains content for that marker set

Open Map Marker

  1. Marker default content
    • Marker title
    • Photo
    • Body (Character count: 170 - 200) WYSIWYG paragraphs, lists and links
  2. Marker inner content windows display open related to which toggle is on
    • Photo
    • Body (Character count: 170 - 200)WYSIWYG paragraphs, lists and links
    • More Details URL
  3. Inner content windows related to toggles off display closed, but are available for visitor to open.

  1. Open marker inner content windows appear open if their respective marker set toggle is on


User Roles
Content Editor
Pinehurst team members who are entering and editing content within the WordPress interface.
Substance team members who are either writing code or entering code within the body of WordPress Pages/Posts.

Map Markers

Content for markers is not pulled dynamically from other content sources in other sections of the site, rather is it manually entered for each marker.

Content Editors can only do the following:
  • Edit default marker content:
    • Title
    • Image
    • Body (Character count: 170 - 200)
  • Edit each inner content window as it relates to a marker toggle
    • Image
    • Body (Character count: 170 - 200)
    • URL for "More Details" link
  • Manage the associations between map markers and marker toggles, controling which markers appear on the map per toggle
  • Toggle display of a marker on the map (ie. show/not show, or publish/unpublish)
Developers can to the following:
  • Edit marker content
  • Create/edit/delete/toggle display of markers
  • Edit the placement of markers on the map graphic
  • Manage the associations between map markers and marker toggles, controling which markers appear on the map per toggle
  • Create/edit/delete marker toggles

Map Embed Functionality

None of the following functionality is available to the Content Editor.

Marker Set Display Control

As maps are embedded in pages, the Developer will need the ability to control which set of markers are toggled on at page load.

For example, on the Accommodations landing page all the accommodations markers should automatically display on page load. Whereas on the activities page, just the map markers assigned to activities would be displayed.

Multiple marker sets can be displayed at once on page load.

Open Questions


Since we are using a graphic for a map, how many zoom levels can we have?
Not sure yet, we will readdress this question when we see the first round of map illustration to see how many levels might be necessary.