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About NWEA

Content Notes

  • Overview of heritage and mission for the future
  • Non-Profit Status and how it influences the way NWEA operates
  • Overview of the breadth of NWEA's services, including research and policy & advocacy
  • Longevity in relation to business, how many assessments are in the field, reputability, capability, retention rate and renewals ("by the numbers" info)
  • Need Messaging about Retention Rate

Audience Questions

  • Who are NWEA; who does their research?
  • What is the company history; are they reputable?

Assessment Literacy

Visit our education blog, Teach. Learn. Grow, for updates on our efforts to advance the understand of assessments.

Spark Community

Teachers, administrators consectetuer congue nulla Spark Community sed diam et nunc condimentum bibendum.

Take the First Step

Sales call-to-action dictum erat quis arcu, call 1-866-654-3246 or email us.