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Coaching Services

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There will be individual matrices for coaching. also see coaching 1-sheet.


  • What are Formative Assessment Practices in the classroom and Coaching?
  • How can NWEA Coaching Services be integrated into my Professional Learning Communities and used for School Improvement?


NWEA coaches can facilitate powerful data discussions with your district and school leaders. Our experts can work with your team to build stronger data inquiry and application processes in your district to achieve more rigorous and sustainable growth for all students.

Popular coaching options include:

Assessment Program Alignment


District and School Leadership Teams, principals, teachers, instructional coaches, grade level teams, data teams, and school intervention teams.


Establish a shared foundational knowledge about the purposes of various assessment types. With the help of a skilled expert in assessments and educational data, identify your current school and district assessments and then develop a better, stronger, and shared understanding of the interrelationships and alignments of assessment, curriculum, instruction, and student learning for those who make critical decisions across your district and in your schools.

  • Make essential connections between assessments and student learning.
  • Establish shared foundational knowledge of the concept of assessment literacy and support the development of assessment literacy across the educational community.
  • Support members of District and School Leadership Teams in examining their current assessment systems with a focus on purpose, utilization, alignment, and accountability.
  • Engage in discussion and planning in the analysis, alignment, and prioritization of assessments, instructional resources, strategies, and practices.
  • Develop sustainable plans that reflect a shared vision and organizational direction for the use of assessment tools, curriculum, and instruction to increase student growth and achievement

Data Conversations and Planning

Target Audience:

District and School Leadership Teams, principals, teachers, instructional coaches, grade level teams, data teams, and school intervention teams


The Data Conversations and Planning Process is designed to support your team in the application and analysis of data to inform instructional decision-making for increased student growth and achievement. In this offering, NWEA Coaches support the use of effective data-informed analysis, planning, implementation, evaluation, and adjustment within a cycle of continuous improvement at all levels of the educational organization. This work includes the development of a high-functioning “Culture of Data Use” as a foundation for the successful application of protocols for data analysis and planning.

  • Build capacity to conduct effective Data Conversations in analyzing and planning for school improvement
  • Strengthen understanding and expertise in critical components of a “Culture of Data Use” and collaborative learning
  • Increase the practice of consistent and frequent examination of data in individual and collaborative team planning to continuously assess student learning environments and work relentlessly toward improving them
  • Develop proficiency in using multiple points of data in order to set individual and school-wide learning goals and evaluate curriculum, instructional strategies, and resource allocation to inform other programmatic decisions
  • Develop shared ownership for each student’s growth across all parts of the learning organization
  • Identify professional learning needs associated with student outcomes

Goal-Focused Planning and Alignment

Target Audience:

District and School Leadership Teams, principals, teachers, instructional coaches, grade level teams, data teams, and school intervention teams.


The Goal-Focused Planning and Alignment process is designed to support educators in building comprehensive and integrated professional learning plans for your staff that maximize student learning and growth. Our expert coaches will work with your staff to identify achievement performance gaps and prioritize goals to coordinate targeted and unified plans for high achievement.

  • Leverage professional expertise in the development of professional learning plans aligned with student learning needs
  • Identify and coordinate local and external professional learning resources and opportunities to support goal-focused professional learning
  • Develop the capacity to recognize and build upon key leverage points within multiple components of the educational community
  • Conduct analysis and planning in the alignment of relevant and meaningful professional development
  • Increase coordination across the learning organization re: shared goals, learning targets, and progress within the continuous improvement process
  • Make essential connections between student performance gaps and professional learning resources

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