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MAP Foundation Series

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PD Regional Sales Email Templates developed for MAP Foundation series top-level bullets, value of course, learning objectives, etc.


Professsional Learning Workshops to Help You Make the Most of MAP

The MAP Foundation Series is a training continuum designed to help your team master the art of data-driven education. This series of four essential workshops builds on understanding and proficiency with assessment information:

MAP Administration Workshop

The first workshop in the series shows new NWEA partners how to implement and administer MAP (Measures of Academic Progress®) and MPG (MAP for Primary Grades) tests. Participants investigate how adaptive testing can be used to measure student progress and identify instructional needs.

MAP Administration is a full-day workshop that may be delivered on-site or online.

Stepping Stones to Using Data Workshop

This workshop has participants digging into real student data from their own MAP and MPG reports. Educators analyze and interpret their data and engage with colleagues to develop informed decisions related to classroom improvement programs and student goal-setting. As a part of the learning process, participants are given hands-on access to reports specifically designed for administrators and secondary teachers, as well as for teachers using standard MAPand MPG.

Stepping Stones to Using Data is a full-day on-site training.

Climbing the Data Ladder Workshop

In this workshop option, educators use their own test results to design classroom instructional plans. Topics include differentiated instruction, data-informed lesson planning using DesCartes: A Continuum of Learning and/or Primary Grades Instructional Data, and instructional strategies to support the academic needs of all students. As part of the workshop, participants will develop a differentiated lesson to use with their students.

Climbing the Data Ladder is a full-day on-site workshop.

Growth and Goals Workshop

The Growth and Goals workshop deepens participants' understanding of growth norms, and their use of growth projections and proficiency benchmarks to improve learning. The data-driven dialogue activities in this workshop are designed to impact school and district improvement plans by analyzing MAP and/or MPG growth data, identifying problems to guide goal setting and action planning, and creating a communication plan that lets everyone contribute to better learning for students.

Growth and Goals is a full-day on-site workshop.

Quick Bites of Learning with our Professional Development Modules

Need shorter options to fit with your schedule? We also offer short, targeted modules to help you refine your use of data to inform instruction and decision making.

Modules are delivered on site and each lasts about three hours.

Essential Reports Module
Use your own reports to better understand, interpret, and apply data and resources specifically designed for administrators, secondary teachers, and teachers using standard MAP® and MAP® for Primary Grades.
Applying MAP® Data and Resources Module
Access and applying essential reports related to your own classroom, school, and district goals. This class includes an extended 2-hour lab experience.
Differentiated Instruction Module
Investigate basic principles and practices of differentiated instruction through a series of virtual classroom observations.
Instructional Ladders Module
Learn how to integrate standards, readiness data, and local curriculum to design tiered instructional plans called instructional ladders.
Evaluating Growth Patterns Module
Analyze growth data for individual student, classroom, grade-level, and school improvement so you can drive academic growth for all learners.
Goal Setting and Communication Module
Learn to set goals and build action plans that enable effective communication and conferencing with students, parents, and other key stakeholders.

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