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Professional Development

Primary Message:

NWEA professional development offerings enrich educator’s capacity to boost every student’s academic growth.

Topics Include

  • Suite of professional development offerings is designed to help partners turn data into insight and action.

Content Notes

  • List/describe what's available for anyone to read, gain knowledge
    • Teach. Learn. Grow.
    • Spark Community
    • Resource Library
  • List/describe what's Included with Partnership
    • On-site Training
    • On-going account support
    • Knowledge Academy
  • List/describe what can be purchased:
    • KLT
    • MAP Foundation Series
    • Coaching
    • Events and Conferences
  • Call out Fusion

Audience Questions

  • If I choose any of these products, how does my staff get trained?
  • I’ve been told I have to learn this software, where do I start?

Assessment Literacy

Visit our education blog, Teach. Learn. Grow, for updates on our efforts to advance the understand of assessments.

Peer Knowledge-Base

Teachers, administrators consectetuer congue nulla Spark Community sed diam et nunc condimentum bibendum.