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Our Research

Research, and the data we derive from it, is central to all we do and create. It informs our professional development and validates our assessments. It guides our policies, and helps us contribute to the larger community of scholars concerned with putting children at the center of their own educations. Here's how.

The power of insight, the promise of results

The research conducted by our research department is informing today’s educational system, giving policymakers, researchers, and educators powerful new information to make critical decisions about how policies and practices affect students. The result? A smarter, more responsive education system for everyone.

Our Focus

Informing our Assessments

Learn how our test item research and measurement expertise inform our assessments.

Standards & Accountability

Working to inform national policy, the Center conducts ongoing research to explore how policies related to education reform efforts impact school systems, teachers and students.

Teaching & Learning

We are also researching the ways in which assessment can be used in a manner that improves teaching and instruction by providing information to educators that can help teachers improve their instructional practices and schools identify their most effective teachers.

Educational Equity

Kingsbury Center researchers are interested in using growth data to more accurately measure achievement gaps and better monitor the effectiveness of efforts to close them.

Use of Data

Our research in this area is shedding light on ways to conduct educational experiments and quasi-experiments to evaluate schools and the effectiveness of educational interventions.

Partner with Us

Creating a better, more responsive educational system to help kids learn. It’s our goal — and maybe yours, too. We work with researchers to design and execute custom research studies, and offer access to our Growth Research Database.

Learn more about our Research Services and the ways we have collaborated with researchers in the past.

The Growth Research Database (GRD)

The GRD is the single largest known repository of student growth data in the United States and one of the few means for accurately and reliably measuring student academic growth.

NWEA Researcher at Event

NWEA researcher, Rebecca Moore, will be speaking at Big Event Name on July 3rd, 2014. Don't forget to say hello.

New Report: How Kids Learn

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Download Report

New Researcher: Bob Jenkins

We're proud to announce Bob has joined our team. Nam scelerisque, ligula faucibus commodo convallis.

Read Bob's Bio