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Skills Pointer

Primary Page Message:

Web-based formative assessment tool that provides the functionality necessary to monitor progress towards, and assess mastery of Common Core aligned skills.


  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Actionable Data
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Individualized Learning and Progress

Content Notes

  • Purpose/Usage Quick Stats
    • Grades
    • Subject
    • Assessment Type
    • Testing Time
  • How it works overview
  • Content for Special Needs Students
  • Compliment to MAP
    • Answers the "What's Next" question for those using MAP
  • How it Works Overview
    • How/Why Would you use it
    • How if differs and compliments MAP
  • Reporting and Data overview
  • Skills Pointer Overview Video

Relevant Audience Questions

  • How much class time does the testing take?
  • What is the student and teacher experience with these products; is it engaging/useful?
  • How many times must (CAN) the tests be administered?
  • What is the research basis of this products?
  • What do tests and test items look like?

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