I am a Senior Digital Product Designer with expertise in the conceptualization, design and development of interactive experiences. As a tireless advocate for the truth of an experience, I unite business objectives and audience needs into purposeful and successful engagements.

  • Adept at engaging client stakeholders to identify challenges in all branded communications
  • Insightful critical thinking and decision making
  • Comfortable and effective from the whiteboard to the boardroom
  • Exceptional concept development and design process
  • Extensive experience leading and collaborating with cross-disciplinary teams
  • Fluency in development technologies and methods
With almost 20 years creating brand marketing and digital experiences, I know great work and what it takes to make it happen. Currently, I am a Senior Interaction Designer at Ziba Design.

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Strategy, Discovery & Scoping

I have extensive experience leading client stakeholders through project discovery and requirements gathering exercises resulting in discovery documentation. Whether the phase consists of a single conversation or the culmination of many interviews, my job is to ensure it’s always valuable.

  • Assess existing experience and available research for insights on audience engagement
  • Clarify the short-term and long-term organizational goals
  • Develop an honest representation of the audience needs
  • Define a messaging hierarchy to outline what the new experience must convey to the audience
  • Capture a realistic set of project requirements
  • Specify points of conversion and determine success metrics for analytics planning
Strategic Documentation Samples

As you can imagine, most of the strategic work I do is conducted under NDA. However, I can provide obfuscated sample documentation on request or I’m happy to discuss my process in greater detail over a hot or cold beverage.

“Erin is relentlessly thorough in his discovery work, and his ability to translate business and user goals into technical requirements is unparalleled.”

~ Sarah Higgins, User Experience Designer at Substance

Content Strategy & User Experience Design

Using discovery phase findings as my base, I explore content structures and user interface scenarios to find the right solutions for an experience. My goal is to develop deliverables which receive informed stakeholder approvals, inspire visual design solutions and lay the foundation for visual design and development.

  • Evaluate content assets and organize into task-oriented workflows and site structures
  • Plan for content administration and future publishing needs
  • Conduct team brainstorm exercises and on-one-on collaborations
  • Construct the information architecture in detailed site maps
  • Illustrate the user experience in wireframes and/or prototypes using a variety of tools (pencil, OmniGraffle, HTML, interpretive dance)
  • Write UX requirements documentation for front-end and back-end development teams
User Experience Samples

User flow Diagrams, Static Wireframes and Site Map
Download UX Samples (PDF)

HTML Wireframes

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Pinehurst Wireframes Visit Final Website
NWEA Wireframes Visit Final Website

“Erin pushes his team to stay on top of new technology and trends, and his desire to continually learn and grow in the field makes him a strong leader and motivator. His work is impeccable, and you can see the deep level of care he takes in producing it.”

~ Kim Stetson, Lead Project Manager at Substance

Design & Creative Direction

I began my career as a visual designer. My experience spans brand identity, advertising and interactivity, so I have a deep, creative foundation to draw from. I lead by honoring the skills of my team while continually striving for beautiful and successful interactive experiences.

  • Instill confidence in stakeholders, assuring the work is in capable hands
  • Collaborate with the account and project management teams to manage resources and meet milestones
  • Direct multidisciplinary teams towards a common goal
  • Establish style direction and work with designers to develop brand guidelines
  • Provide constructive feedback that guides and empowers
  • Make certain the work is outstanding and confidently articulate its value
Design & Art Direction Gallery

A sampling of my design work from the last 15 years.


I began my career in 1996 as a designer and art director in traditional advertising agencies. I’ve designed identity systems, collateral and advertising campaigns with all manner of print and broadcast components for business-to-consumer clients.

By 2005 I had transitioned exclusively to designing for interactivity and since then I have designed and directed well over 30 interactive project launches.

Over the years I’ve worked with shoe behemoths, tech giants, travel and tourism authorities, luxury destinations, sports teams, breweries, distillers and journalism stalwarts to name a few examples.

In the distant past, I’ve bagged groceries, operated industrial embroidery machines, worked nights at a video rental store and co-managed an indie record label.

All my experiences have contributed to my keen intuition for interpersonal relationships and, above all, taught me to listen without prejudice.