I am a Creative Director, Service Designer and Digital Product Strategist based in Portland, Oregon. As a tireless advocate for the truth of an experience, I unite business objectives and audience needs into purposeful and successful engagements.

I care about the purposefulness of technology and its role in building connections between individuals, organizations and communities. My interest is designing tools, systems and services which allow us all to flourish, learn about ourselves and enjoy more fulfilling lives.

Here’s how I can help:
  • Insightful critical thinking and decision making
  • Rigorous concept development and design process
  • Extensive experience collaborating with cross-disciplinary teams
  • Adept at evaluating challenges in all manner of products, services and communication
  • Well-versed in guiding ideas to market, measuring their impact and refining for longevity
  • Comfortable and effective from the whiteboard to the boardroom; the classroom to the auditorium

“Erin is relentlessly thorough in his discovery work, and his ability to translate business and user goals into technical requirements is unparalleled.”

~ Sarah Higgins, User Experience Designer at Substance


For over 2 decades I have been designing tools and communication in the form of brand identity, advertising, packaging, service design, websites and mobile apps. My creative background spans music, illustration, experience design and visual design. While I have a broad foundation from which to draw, these are my specialties:

  • Goals alignment
  • Defining purpose & vision
  • Requirements gathering
  • Defining objectives
  • Primary/secondary research & synthesis
  • Feature development & prioritization
  • Product planning & MVP management
  • Content audit & consultation
  • Site structure, workflows & critical paths
  • Prototyping research & synthesis
  • Customer experience design (audience profiles, journey mapping, etc.)
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators
  • Monitoring product health
  • Celebrating the good in all things
  • Support, reassurance & incitement
  • Design & mission leadership
  • Workshops & brainstorms
  • Team skills building & individual career development
  • Socialization & community engagement
  • Inspirational quotes (primarily from Buddhism, song lyrics and 80’s-90’s film references)


As you can imagine, most of the strategic work I do is conducted under NDA. However, I can provide samples on request or I’m happy to discuss my process in greater detail over a hot or cold beverage. See my employment history on LinkedIn

“Erin pushes his team to stay on top of new technology and trends, and his desire to continually learn and grow in the field makes him a strong leader and motivator. His work is impeccable, and you can see the deep level of care he takes in producing it.”

~ Kim Stetson, Lead Project Manager at Substance


I began my career in 1996 as a designer and art director in traditional advertising agencies. I’ve designed identity systems, collateral and advertising campaigns with all manner of print and broadcast components for business-to-consumer clients. By 2005 I had transitioned exclusively to designing for interactivity and since then I have designed, directed and launched well over 40 interactive experiences, tools and systems.

Over the years I’ve worked with shoe behemoths, tech giants, travel and tourism authorities, luxury destinations, sports teams, breweries, distilleries, global shipping and logistics corporations and journalism stalwarts. In the distant past, I’ve bagged groceries, operated industrial embroidery machines, worked nights at a video rental store and co-managed an indie record label.

All my experiences have contributed to my keen empathy and intuition for interpersonal relationships. I care about helping people reach their greatest potential and making what is necessary, useful and delightful.


I run an illustration brand, Animal Monster Robot, through which I sell my prints and original art of friendly creatures.



I play ambient music under the name Caves and Catherdrals.

Design Retrospective

A small sampling of my design work from the last 2 decades.